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World Famous Ink Master Mike Asian Set
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    World Famous Ink Master Mike Asian Set

      Designed by World Famous Pro-Team Artist Master Mike, who has always had a love of art and drawing and not having much money for toys made it easy to grab some paper and a pencil and use his imagination. Master Mike's tattoo work has been recognized on many occasions with awards. He is truly a master of Asian influenced tattoos. His work speaks volumes of his dedication in learning and desire to be the best that he can be.

      The Master Mike Asian Set contains:

      • China White
      • Demon Red
      • Dragon Scales
      • Guan Yu
      • 24K Gold
      • Canary Yellow
      • Abby Magenta
      • Gabby's Cheeks
      • Master Mike Red
      • Money Frog Green
      • Aqua Daryl
      • S.E.A
      • Violet Phoenix
      • Maximus Peach Blossom
      • Inkfiend Red
      • Koi Orange
      World Famous Tattoo Ink is a non-toxic, vegan, and animal-cruelty free ink boasting an extensive palette for any masterpiece. Not only will this ink make your job as an artist much easier, it will make your artwork really pop.



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