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  • ::SALE:: Tatu Derm Second Skin
::SALE:: Tatu Derm Second Skin

    ::SALE:: Tatu Derm Second Skin

      Tatu Derms design and quality provides a transparent and breathable tattoo barrier for new tattoos. Tatu Derm protects the new tattoo from bumps and abrasions and helps provide improved comfort during the healing process. Covering a new tattoo with Tatu Derm will also help to eliminate stains on your bed sheets and clothing. Tatu Derm is breathable and waterproof which offers protection of a new tattoo while swimming or showering.

      Tatu Derm, because of it's flexibility, can be used around a shoulder, ankle, elbow or any other joint. Simply apply Tatu Derm and let it overlap at least two inches above and below the joint to protect enough skin and to allow for natural movement.



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