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Tattoo Addict Biodegradable InkWipes
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    Tattoo Addict Biodegradable InkWipes


      Antimicrobial and Hygienic Ink Wipes for gentle wiping of tattoos. Made specifically for tattoo artists to keep skin clean during tattooing. It's milder and gentler on the skin than regular soap and water which has a soothing effect on your client. More convenient and hygienic. Disposable wipes to reduce cross contamination.

      The Biodegradable InkWipes are a little less wet and a lot more absorbent than other wipes. They have a built in disinfectant with a microbial activation of 60 seconds. Not only are they perfect for wiping your tattoo clean while you work but they are also perfect for preparing the skin for a stencil, these wipes will wipe away all the excess oils on the skin giving you a longer lasting stencil.



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