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Neotat Stregato Rotary Machine
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Neotat Stregato Rotary Machine

      The rotary cartridge machine you have been looking for is here. The Stregato Rotary Tattoo Machine is a brand new and innovative cartridge Needle tattoo machine. This state of the art rotary tattoo machine, with its sleek, hexagon shaped machine body, runs incredibly smooth and has the power to push even the largest cartridge tattoo needles. The ergonomically shaped body fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to grip throughout your tattooing session.

      The innovative EyeLoc System is a locking bar loop system that allows the artist a choice of disposable Soft Locs or Hard Locs. Stregato machines come with 25 of each type so the artist may determine which best suits their need. EyeLoc centers the push bar to prevent drag and welding of the tube.

      Product Warranty is held by Neotat and not by Tattoo Addict.



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