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Neotat Linear Magic Motor Rotary Machine
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Neotat Linear Magic Motor Rotary Machine

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      Neotat machines are consistent, smooth running rotary tattoo machines that have a unique mechanism that produces a perfectly straight linear motion. This machine is the choice for those artists who like a long running machine. This is the most powerful in the series and it really packs in the colour. Each machine weighs only 160g. The lighter weight, ergonomic design and low level of vibration help to cut down on the fatigue typically experienced with long tattoo sessions.

      Easy to disassemble and clean, Neotat machines allow you to spend less time on your machines, and more time tattooing. Maintenance is minimal. Oiling is only required after every 200 hours of use and machine comes with a guide clip as standard, which holds the needle bar in place, thus eliminating the need for rubber bands.

      Product Warranty is held by Neotat and not by Tattoo Addict.



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