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FK Irons Galaxie III
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    FK Irons Galaxie III

      This product is also available in Black, Gun Metal, Bubblegum, Ruby, Tangerine, Kryptonite & Seafoam on pre-order. For more information, please Contact Us

      The FK Irons Galaxie III features a streamlined designed with internal radial joints for increased sturdiness and less vibration. An all new Guillotine Vise mechanism with 5-point clamping provides a secure grip on all standard metal and disposable tubes. The in laid steel rear yoke provides increased connection and provides multiple positioning options for ultimate contact with clip cords. Made of Aircraft Grade aluminium the fully assembled machine weighs only 136g.

      The Conventional Liner machine is the most popular machine style and is meant to be used as an everyday workhorse style of machine for all around tattooing. This machine will typically be used for tight 3 round liners to 14 round liners.

      Product Warranty is held by FK Irons and not by Tattoo Addict.



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