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Critical Power Supply - Atom X
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    Critical Power Supply - Atom X

      Critical Tattoo strives to provide tattoo artists with American-made products that are innovative, elegant, and above-all satisfactory. The Atom X Power Supply is easy to operate, replacing the control knob from the former Atom Power Supply with the traditional user-friendly buttons and voltage display from the CX models.

      It has a centre button to turn the machine on and off, two voltage preset buttons, and two buttons to increase or decrease voltage during operation, while featuring the same unique voltage indicator as the Atom Power Supply, which changes colour according to its voltage setting.

      The AtomX can be used with or without a foot pedal, thanks to the pedal override mode. If you are using a foot pedal, you can choose between maintained and momentary mode. This means you can either use your pedal to get your tattoo machine running with one click, or by keeping the pedal down as long as you want the machine to run. There is also a jumpstart mode for rotary tattoo machines that need a bit of extra power to get going.

      The Atom Power Supply has a fully machined anodized aluminium housing with built-in neodymium magnets and silicone grips that allows this power supply to be used on a variety of surfaces.

      Product warranty held by Critical Tattoo and not by Tattoo Addict.



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