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Covers - Clip Cord Sleeve Singles
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Covers - Clip Cord Sleeve Singles

      Clip Cord covers work by covering your clip cord and help to maintain a sterile work station. The clip cord covers go over the wire of the cord, creating a barrier for blood, ink and other impurities from getting onto the wire. Splash and aerosol contamination may be created during cleaning of the tattooed area which can settle on and contaminate your cord.

      Having a barrier method for the wire is essential as it is one of the things during a tattoo or permanent make-up procedure that will move around and cross contaminate other things around your work area. Using a barrier method like this for your clip cord will provide protection when working across the body for large areas, especially back pieces.

      Our bags are transparent with a slight blue tint. They are thin but not easily ripped because they are made from a strong polyethylene plastic that does not trap heat. This product will also allow you to change from one machine to another without cross contamination.



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