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Tattoo Addict Anti-Microbial Foaming Soap

    Tattoo Addict Anti-Microbial Foaming Soap

      Tattoo Addict's Anti Microbial Foaming Soap is specially formulated for use during and after a tattoo procedure.

      It can either be used to clean a fresh tattoo or by tattoo artists as a replacement for green soap while tattooing to soothe the skin and maintain a sanitised area. Each pump of foam soap deposits a rich lather-like foam that is designed for tattoo collectors and artists to assist in the cleaning and healing process of your new tattoo.

      Wash your tattoo thoroughly with Tattoo Addict Anti Microbial Foaming Soap and warm water 3 to 4 times per day. Use your fingers with medium pressure during your washes to help remove any dried secretions in the pores of your skin. Washing with warm water opens the derma pores and gives your skin a deep clean to prevent scabs from forming. Remember to follow washes by applying Tattoo Addict Aftercare.



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