The Tattoo Hub

August 22, 2018

The Tattoo Hub is a stunning little tattoo studio in Alberton with the most welcoming atmosphere. It was opened two and a half years ago by tattoo artist Sean Lewis and since then he has collected two extremely talented artists, a Body modification artist and a horde of 3 appys. Sean hopes to mould them into some of the best tattoo artists around, but I bet he also enjoys making them wash windows. Each of the artists that work at the Tattoo Hub have their own unique style and they are just as interesting as their chalk board bathroom walls.

Sean Lewis has always been inspired by all forms of art, so after a near death experience he decided to ditch a job he despised and follow his passion. He taught himself to tattoo and did a lot of research to perfect his skill. Sean has been tattooing for about 7 years now. If you ask Sean what his best moment in his career was, he will tell you it was working with a plethora of amazing artists at a Cape Town convention and having the opportunity to meet his biggest inspiration in the industry, Matt Curzon. Sean loves tattooing because he enjoys creating dynamic art works for people from all walks of life. His style can only be described as unique, he enjoys tattooing his own custom design Neo-traditional Tattoos. When he’s not tattooing he spends all the time he can with his amazing family and friends. His favourite tattoo is his head piece which was done by two amazing artists in SA, It’s a Death Hawk Moth spread across the back of his skull.

Ashley has been at the Tattoo Hub for just over two years. She has worked many other jobs, but much prefers the freedom and flexibility of being a tattoo artist, “Life’s cool when you’re a tattoo artist,” says Ashley. She is a self-taught in the arts and has been aspiring to be a tattoo artist since she was 16, so when she got the opportunity to apprentice at a studio she jumped at the chance and hasn’t looked back since. Ashley’s favourite style is black and grey realism and her work is always complimentary to the body. When Ashley isn’t tattooing she loves to read books by her favourite author Tolkien. Her favourite tattoo on her body is her tea cup with flowers, and the text on the tattoo says it’s all in how you make it. The perfect cup of Tea is all about how you make it and the energy you put into it. The same goes for life, its about the energy you put in and life is what you make it.

Body Modification artist John Wayne specialises in scarification, branding, hand-poking, piercing and suspensions. For him it’s all about expressing himself, as much as it was about just putting things upon the body it became about changing the body into something else. He has everything, and the kitchen sink tattooed on him roughly 13 piercings and implants in his arm and chest. For those of you who are unfamiliar with body modification it is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy and appearance.


Dillon aka White Chocolate was inspired in the very beginning by his father who was an artistic person, just by seeing how you can draw a picture from your mind onto paper absolutely blew him away. Shortly after that he got a keen interest for teaching himself how to draw, He’s still learning everyday “and you can learn anything from anyone,” says Dill, “You can even learn something from your appys”. Now a days some of his inspiration comes from artists Paul Booth and Nikko Hurtardo. He started and apprenticeship in Durban about 3 years ago before he moved up to Johannesburg and met Sean and Ashley, “they told me if I was willing to learn, they were willing to teach,” and has been tattooing with them for a year now. He really enjoys black work and loves being able to give  clients a work of art that represents their soul on the outside, he feels like tattoos represent what is on the inside on the outside and you can learn a lot about someone by looking at their tattoos.

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I’m sure one of these talented artists will tickle your fancy.


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