Tattoo Ink Safety Important Notice

June 13, 2018

The tattoo art form has existed for centuries and as many in the tattoo profession have experienced, the tattoo industry has been primarily self-regulated for over the last 50 years. However, the regulatory landscape has changed in Europe and increasingly in the United States. Today the tattoo industry is highly regulated in Europe by a myriad of EU and country-specific agencies. In the United States, federal agencies such as the FDA are beginning to review and codify restrictions on ingredients 

Industry leaders from the United States and Europe are forming a Tattoo Ink Safety Coalition to guide regulatory agencies and give them real-world insights that most countries simply do not have. This is uncharted territory for most health and chemical agencies as it relates directly. The coalition for tattoo safety will allow participants to have a voice in the formation of regulations and in doing so will offer regulators decades of tattoo experience and know how.

“the Tattoo Industry needs a voice for sharing knowledge and experience on a global platform. This is the value of creating a coalition for tattoo ink safety. It is where we explain our industry to the world.” – CTS Board Member Terry Walker.

The CTS’ first annual event will be held in Las Vegas on October 31, 2018, at Planet Hollywood. A two-day tattoo industry-only portion of the event will accompany a CTS grand kick-off event, where top tattoo artists, pre-registered participating tattoo artists, tattoo product manufacturers, tattoo product retailers, and tattoo product wholesalers will introduce new tattoo products and tattoo technologies and hold professional artist development workshops and tattoo education and tattoo safety seminars.

“We welcome the continued advancement of our industry and common-sense regulation. However, as an industry, we must unify and become an informed advocate for the continued existence of our profession and art. We either take it upon ourselves to do it – or we run the risk of being sidelined and silenced by unqualified outside groups and associations.” CTS President, Mario Barth.

Fusion Ink has learned how to make their ink better during the process of getting their ink approved in Europe. Fusion ink will now be gamma rayed with a 3-year expiration on colour and a 2 year on black and grey. They have changed suppliers to get a brighter more powerful pigment.  You may notice some of the colours don't exactly match the previous colour. They are doing their best to make their ink the safest and brightest on the market.

So, this is something we need to accept and work with. 


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