SheKnows Ink Fundraiser

September 16, 2019

On Saturday the 7th of September, sisters, mothers, daughters, best friends and some men came together for a good cause at SheKnows Ink. Owner and tattoo artist, Shelby Downey, was horrified at all the news about femicide in South Africa and one night, whilst she was sketching a woman inspired drawing, she decided that she had to do something about it. #enoughisenough

South Africa has become an increasingly unsafe place for women to live in. The levels of crime against women in South Africa reported by Statistics SA shows that femicide (the murder of women based on their gender) is 5 times higher than the global average. This means that in South Africa, women are 5 times more likely to be killed due to gender-based violence committed by men.

Shelby organized a fundraiser to raise money for the SA Rape crisis organization. For a R200 donation you would get a small Venus symbol tattooed wherever on your body you chose. This symbol meant so much to all the women who queued to get it tattooed at SheKnows Ink on Saturday. For best friends, it was a symbol of friendship and womanhood. Mothers and daughters got tattooed together. Many women came to stand together, united in strength.


Shelby says that listening to all the women chatting and sharing their stories, she came to realise that it meant more than just standing together for some cause. For these women, it was a representation of how far they have come since being a victim to abuse. The tattooed symbol is a permanent reminder that they’ve survived and that they will not be silenced nor be a victim anymore. It is a symbol to remind us of all our fallen sisters. It is a voice of strength and hope.


It was an extremely emotional day, but Shelby and her team managed to tattoo over 200 people, raising a whopping R40 000 for the SA Rape crisis organization. Big thanks to SheKnows Ink and to everyone who was involved. We can make this world a better place, one tattoo at a time.

Watch Shelby’s YouTube Video from the day
Didn’t make it to SheKnows Ink? Don’t worry. Here is a word from She Knows Ink

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Photo Credits to Adriaan Rossouw and Bronwyn Drake


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