Other Uses for Tattoo Addict After Care

January 31, 2017

Traditionally baby bum cream or nipple cream has been the go to solution for treating and looking after a new tattoo.  Times have changed and now day’s people are far more aware that their tattoo is an investment and even old tattoos need looking after.

Tattoo Addict After Care is an all-natural product that nourishes the skin and allows the skin to breath, thereby eliminating the risk of infections and avoiding scabbing which is one of the biggest reasons tattoos need touching up.

The thing is, we are seeing more and more people using Tattoo Addict After Care for all sorts of other applications.  The list just keeps growing and we are intrigued as to how many other things this Natural solution is good for.

The list of uses is growing daily but these are the things we know it works for:

  1. New tattoos (obviously)
  2. Keeping the colours fresh on older tattoos.
  3. Lip balm.
  4. Piercings: it’s an antiseptic and works like a charm (I recently had a daith piercing done and used my Tattoo Addict After Care on it instead of the usual antiseptic creams).
  5. Callouses: it softens the skin.  This is great for motor bike riders or cyclists.  Even people in wheel chairs who battle with their hands.
  6. Chaffing:  Cyclists, runners and scuba divers in particular battle with this.  A little Tattoo Addict after Care soothes the itch.
  7. Bites and stings: great for all sorts including the dreaded summer mozzie!
  8. Beards and moustaches: Yes guys this is an amazing product that helps tame and moisturise your face fuzz.
  9. Eye brows and eye lashes:  In the past people used petroleum based products to keep wild eyebrows tame and eyelashes healthy and shiny – they are now using Tattoo Addict After Care as the essential oils are easier on the eyes than traditional chemicals.
  10. Bruises: Yes this is true – no more whipping out the strong smelling cold rubs to smother your blue mark with.  Now you can use Tattoo Addict After Care with much faster results.
  11. Minor cuts and scrapes:  The healing properties that work for tattoos work for other minor cuts and scrapes too.
  12. Cuticle cream: a recent beauty blogger was so impressed with how her cuticles looked after using Tattoo Addict After Care, she wrote a blog about it (true story)!
  13. Chapped heals: With summer knocking loudly on our door it’s time to get our feet looking pretty again and yes, you guessed it, Tattoo Addict After Care is perfect for the job.
  14. Sunburn: The lavender in our Tattoo Addict After Care is marvellous when your skin turns a bit too toasty. Last summer I may have over done it a touch and I didn’t even bother with the traditional after sun – I used my go to for everything – Tattoo addict After Care and I was sorted chop chop.
  15. Pimples: Got a spot?  Zap it with Tattoo addict After Care!

It’s very useful being able to use one product for so many things and the tube is a perfect size for carrying around or popping in your bag!

We are on the hunt for even more reasons why this product is such a great solution – so get in touch with us and let us know what you use your Tattoo Addict After Care For!


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